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The developers at Elk Studios are big fans of the mobile device. They believe mobile devices are the future and that more and more gamers will discover the fun and flexibility of mobile games, compared with the static experience of sitting in front of a computer.

Elk Studios look at the smartphone as being multi-functional, and although the screen may not be as large as that of a PC and there are limitations in terms of what batteries can deliver, Elk Studios think these issues can be taken into account when designing games. Working with these factors instead of against them can lead to even more thrilling experiences for the player. At Elk Studios, developers are looking ahead, and the mantra is Mobile First.

Great Products

Elk Studios have already developed a number of games that have proven popular. The Elk ethos is quality over quantity, and the company prefers to concentrate on a smaller number of releases but direct energy into ensuring that they are all exceptional.

Elk Studio games are recognized for their dynamic technology, arresting graphics and the human touch that gives them such wide-ranging appeal.

Innovation And Fun

Elk Studios’ games include Electric Sam, a fruit slot absolutely crammed with action that gives players 243 avenues to win on its five reels, and the opportunity to collect 200,000 coins. This action-packed slot comes with imploding symbols, multipliers and sticky wilds. The idea behind it is bursting with imagination too. Electric Sam manages a casino in the troll forest, with Sandra the troll queen, and Maggie their troll daughter. Sam loves electronic gadgets and has charged his casino to the max with connections. Electric Sam is extremely generous and wants everyone to win big and have a great time.

Another quality Elk Studio offers a touch of Mexico with Taco Brothers. This five-reel slot is set in the village of Santa Maria, where the happy people live a wonderful life with plenty of tacos for everybody. Until, one day, the horrible Captain Diaz goes to the village and robs the villagers of their tacos and steals their pesos. The Taco Brothers – Pico, Paso and Pepe – are the villagers’ only hope. The player must help the brothers to defeat Captain Diaz, and to do this they need to explode the safe and gain access to the vault. When they have done this, they can empty it using a secret tunnel in the wild escape bonus game. However, the Taco Brothers may get some help from the alluring Senorita, who just happens to be the daughter of Captain Diaz.

ELK Studios Slot FAQs

What are the most popular ELK Studio slots?

ELK Studios has dozens of slots under its belt, but the developer's most popular games are the Gold series titles. Ecuador Gold, Tahiti Gold and Voodoo Gold.

How does ELK Studios built-in betting strategies work?

All ELK slots have built-in betting strategies which adjust your wager based on whether you win or lose. So, if you choose the Jumper bet, your wager will increase every time you lose and reset once you win.

Why type of players will enjoy playing ELK Studios slots?

ELK Studios tends to gear its games towards players with more modern tastes, and those who enjoy more unusual themes. Their games are pretty quirky and many slots don't have traditional payline-based formats.

Are ELK Studios slots legit?

ELK Studios slots are licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Gambling Commission, so you can rest assured that its games provide fair outcomes on all spins.

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