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  • Pioneering slot format
  • Various modifiers available
  • Cascading reels
  • Gargantoon offers huge winning potential
  • Need 5 matching symbols to win
  • Difficult to land top modifier

Reactoonz is an online slot created by Play'n GO that’s set on their signature 8X8 grid layout. Wins are formed by matching clusters of symbols, and the minimum bet is 0.20. Bonuses and features include a variety of different enhancements including added wilds and symbol removals.

Introducing Reactoonz

Reactoonz is a cute and quirky online slot from Play n Go, which features a fun match-5 format. Players can trigger all sorts of generous bonus features on this mobile-optimised slot, including giant symbols, multipliers and more – all aimed at improving your winning potential and helping you trigger some impressive prizes.

The developer has also launched a sequel, which features a whole range of new bonus features. You can also give the Reactoonz 2 free play slot right here at Slots Temple.

First Impressions

From the moment that Reactoonz finished launching in our browser, we quickly realised that we'd never seen - or indeed heard - anything quite like this before! We've come across the 7x7 grid format before yes, but never filled with such a cute and characterful selection of animated symbols. These strangle little alien creatures seem to inhabit a world which is part-spaceship and part laboratory.

The symbols on the reels of Reactoonz don't remain inert, as they usually do with these types of games. But this collection of quirky characters, some with one eye, and the others with two eyes, regularly peer at their companions above, below, and to either side of them. Take too long to start spinning the reels, and one or another of them will even begin chatting, while the others blink and keep looking around. It's fascinating to watch, and creates an instant engagement with the game, even before you start spinning the reels.

With a midnight-blue background throughout, the reels, along with the brightly-coloured alien characters, take centre stage. But a few things are going around the edges of the game, which play an essential part in the gameplay, as it unfolds. To the left-hand side of the screen is the Reactoonz Meter, which logs winning combinations as they occur.

We've long been aware of the ability that Play’n GO has to develop really innovative and entertaining game, but Reactoonz instantly stands out, thanks to its quirky alien characters and clever design. But no matter how great a game looks and sounds, it all comes down to its gameplay in the end. So keep reading to find out whether Reactoonz could be your new favourite game.

Reactoonz Slot

RTP & Volatility of Reactoonz

The RTP (return to player) of Reactoonz is 96.51%. This number refers to the amount of money that is returned as prizes for every 100 wagered. In this case, 96.51 coins are paid out as prizes for every 100 that players are wagering, making it a higher volatility game. This means that you're guaranteed an exciting experience with plenty of smaller wins regularly.

How To Win on Reactoonz Slot

If Reactoonz operates using the Cluster mechanic. As such, groups of symbols need to be matched vertically and horizontally to score wins. Matching symbols must be adjacent, either on rows or on reels, and diagonals don't count. The more symbols that are involved in a group of matches, the more favourable the cash returns will be.

Top Paying Symbols

The two-eyed alien characters are the higher-value symbols in this game. Out of all of them, the blue alien brings the lowest awards, although he'll return your stake if you spin up a group of 7. This steadily increases to 3x your stake for spinning up 10, 5x for spinning up 12 and a top prize of 75x for landing a group of 15 or more. The orange alien also returns your stake for landing 7 in a group, increasing to 5x and 10x for spinning up 10 or 12 examples, and with a top prize payout worth 150x your stake.

Landing Big Wins

You'll only need to spin up a group of six examples of the green two-eyed alien to win back your stake. Ten green aliens wins 10x your stake and 25x is paid out for landing 12 matches, with a top cash payout worth 300x the cost of your wager.

The highest payouts of all come from the luridly pink two-eyed alien creature. You only need to match up five examples horizontally and vertically to win back your stake. Spin up ten matches in a group, and you'll receive back a very welcome 20x the price of your spin. Spin up 12 matches, and you'll be rewarded with a payment worth 50x your stake, increasing to the maximum top prize worth 750x your bet, if you're lucky enough to spin up 15 or more matching symbols in a cluster.

Wild Symbols

The Wild symbol in an online slots game is usually one that can spin up randomly onto the reels with any spin. But when you play Reactoonz, it operates a little differently. Represented by a whirl of yellow light, the Wild doesn't just land on the reels, but has to be generated in some way.

With every spin of the reels, you'll see that one randomly-chosen one-eyed symbol is surrounded by a glow of light. If this low-value symbol goes on to make up part of a winning combination, it will generate two Wilds in the spin that follows. But Gargantoon can also generate Wilds at any time, simply by blasting between 4 and 8 of them onto the reels at random.

And more Wilds can be generated during the Quantum Leap bonus rounds, where a selection of Reel Modifiers come into play. If the fifth Modifier, which is Gargantoon himself, lands on the reels, he becomes Wild, starting out as one massive 3x3 symbol, then decreasing in size, but increasing in number, potentially generating some huge prize payouts as he does so.

Bonus Features

The symbols involved in wins disappear from the reels, in a mechanic variously known as Cascading Reels, Avalanche Reels, Tumbling Reels or just plain Reactions. These symbols are then stored in the Reactoonz Meter on the left, while new symbols drop down on to the reels from above. Any new winning combinations are evaluated and removed to the Meter, with new symbols dropping down, and so on.

Once 25 symbols have been collected in the Meter, the energy stored within it is transferred across to the other side of the reels, where it's collected in the Quantum Meter. There are five vertical bars along the top of the Quantum Meter, and each collection of 25 symbols delivered from the other Meter will light up one section, unleashing one of the Reel Modifiers onto the reels.

There are four Quantum Leap Reel Modifiers, followed by the Gargantoon Bonus. And there's also an Instability Bonus that can occur following any non-winning spin. First, we start with the Quantum Leap modifiers, as follows:


This will transform anything between three and six symbols on the reels into Wild symbols. And since Wilds can stand-in for all of the other symbols on the reels, this can lead to some big cash awards. But Implosion also destroys all symbols adjacent to the newly-created Wilds too, leading to another reaction, with the potential to create more winning combinations.


When the Alternation modifier is triggered by the Quantum Meter, the game selects one of the low-value one-eyed alien symbols to change into a different symbol. If there aren't any one-eyed symbols on the reels at that time, the game will automatically select any other available symbol at random. And in changing symbols into other ones, there's a good chance that further winning combinations will be created, continuing the process of reactions.


When the Demolition reel modifier is awarded by the Quantum Meter, prepare for some big wins. Demolition clears away all of the one-eyed symbols from the reels, as well as all matching symbols. And this can pave the way for a host of new combinations to fall down from above, increasing the prize pot even further.


It sounds painful, but it really isn't. Incision cuts a diagonal cross through the reels, from top left to bottom right and from top right to bottom left. It puts a Wild symbol right at the centre of the grid, and places matching symbols across the diagonal lines, potentially creating winning combinations as it does so.


The Quantum Bonus that all players want to land is the Gargantoon, but he only really comes to life once all the other four bonuses have been completed. And you'll still need to spin up another 25 symbols in the Reactoonz Meter, which is easier said than done. The internet is littered with the cries of players who almost triggered the Gargantoon Bonus, only to see the winning combinations dry up, and the meters fall back to zero before the monster could be unleashed.

But if you're lucky enough to spin up Gargantoon, then he could potentially reward you handsomely. He leaps onto the reels, taking up 3x3 spaces, and acting as a Wild, so he can generate some spectacular wins. It all depends on where he lands though, so you can't assume anything with this game. The Gargantoon then divides itself into two separate 2x2 icons, which again can generate some big wins. Finally, the Gargantoon morphs into nine individual Gargantoon Wilds, giving one last chance to generate some big cash payouts for you.

Instability Bonus

Gargantoon is prone to all sorts of mood swings. As you play the game, he goes from sleepy - even snoring quite loudly at times - to interested, and even apparently angry when the Quantum Leap features start kicking in. And of course, at his peak, he'll jump onto the reels in person, with the aim of generating some decent cash payouts for you. But he can also find it in his heart to be generous when the game isn't going your way. Periodically, following any non-winning spin, he will throw between 4 - 8 Wilds onto the reels, in the hope of spinning up some winning combinations for you.

Reactoonz Free Play

You can play Reactoonz slot for free in demo mode here at Slots Temple (see above) or at the Play'n GO website. Reactoonz Free Play is the best way to get to know the game without spending any money.

Overall Review

This online slot is one of the most innovative and unique games released in recent years, so you get to enjoy the cascading reels and other features right from the very first spin. Plus, Reactoonz free play boasts the same great graphics, soundtrack and interstellar bonus rounds.

There was never a dull moment when we were playing Reactoonz! On many spins, there was a chain reaction of the various bonuses, and we even triggered up to 10 wins on a single spin thanks to the unique format of the game. When it came to individual wins, our biggest was 20x our total wager. This was made possible by the mini bonus features that we were able to trigger on each spin. So, if you're looking for a great online gaming experience that truly offers non-stop action, then Reactoonz from Play n Go is the ideal game for you.

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If you don't want to stray too far away from the fun and excitement of Reactoonz, Energoonz is the online slot for you. This game is also from Play n Go, and both its theme and format are similar. You're sure to love giving this game a spin if you already enjoy playing Reactoonz.

Disclaimer: Reactoonz trademark / license is owned by Play N Go. This site is not endorsed by Play N Go.

* Although we try and match games with Casinos that have them, we advise that you double-check the slot content on the casino before making a deposit.

Slot Data
Slot Name: Reactoonz
Software: Play N Go
RTP: 96.51%
Volatility: High volatility
Paylines: 7
Reels: 7
Min Bet (all lines covered): £0.20 (GBP)
Max Bet: £100 (GBP)
Top Win: 4570
Features: Wild Symbol , Multiplier , Free Spins , Expanding Wilds , Clusters , High volatility , 7 Reels , Cascading , Symbol Collection , Colossal Symbols

Reactoonz FAQs

Does Reactoonz have a free spins feature?

There is no standard free spins bonus round in this slot, but the other innovative bonuses more than make up for it. The wilds, multipliers, Quantum Leap and Gargantoon will help give your wins a boost in the most satisfying ways.

How volatile is Reactoonz?

As a highly-volatile online slots game, Reactoonz delivers up huge doses of weird, alien unpredictability. One minute you???re watching those reactions stack up, generating Quantum Modifiers to be released across the reels, with the Gargantoon getting ready to join in and boost your winnings - and the next, you fail to hit a winning combination, the Quantum Meter empties and you???re back at the beginning again, without generating that big win that was almost within your grasp!

What is the biggest win available on Reactoonz?

The maximum payout when playing Reactoonz comes from spinning up 15 or more examples of the two-eyed pink alien in one group. If playing at the maximum stake, this will deliver up a cash prize worth 75,000.00. But with Quantum Modifiers and Symbol Multipliers also at loose on the reels, the actual returns from a gaming session could be even higher, worth up to 4,750x the player???s stake.

How does the bonus round work in Reactoonz?

Winning symbols are collected in the game???s Reactoonz Meter, to the left-hand side of the reels. Once 25 symbols have been collected, the energy from them is transferred across to the Quantum Meter, to the right-hand side of the reels. Every time the Quantum Meter fills up a section, by collecting 25 symbols in winning combinations, one of the four Reel Modifiers is unleased on the reels. The fifth, and final Reel Modifier is Gargantoon himself, who appears on the reels in various combinations, potentially creating some huge cash prizes in the process.

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Overall score: 3.6 out of 5 stars
P Player1Slots
Big Wins 30/11/2019

This is a great little game, plenty of features and loads of cascading wins. Got at least one win on most spins. Git the instability feature a couple of times and had a few nice payouts. One really good streak of 25 wins with 2 demolitions and an alteration. Recommended.