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When we think of cartoons, our first thoughts are probably of those brightly-coloured images we saw on Saturday mornings when we were young. Cartoons gave us the chance to be superheroes, pirates, cavemen, or even animals. Cartoon slots are a chance to recreate this fun by translating all the things that make cartoons great into a game in which you can score some great rewards.

Classic, family-friendly cartoons that are represented on the reels include Hanna-Barbera’s Top Cat and The Flintstones, both of which can trace their history back to the 1960s. Capture the essence of this time, complete with iconic characters and authentic graphics, before you activate one of the multitude of bonus features and see your winnings soar.

Some of the cartoons that have inspired slots are adaptions themselves, with many having their origins in the legendary comic book heroes created by the likes of Marvel and DC or in Disney heroes and princesses that in turn trace their history back to traditional fairy tales. The constant across these slots is that they give you the chance to play iconic characters who have been impacting society for decades or even longer.

Cartoons are not just for children, with popular shows such as South Park and Family Guy also making their way onto the reels. Add an extra touch of subversive humour to a cartoon slot and see how it can appeal to adults. Like most cartoon-themed slots, these games use the iconic imagery of their shows to add extra flavour to the gameplay and ensure the bonuses are exciting and innovative.

Of course, not all cartoon-style slots are based directly on a television cartoon. You do not need to have an allegiance to a specific show to enjoy the bold graphics and rewarding gameplay on some of these exciting designs.

Common features

When you have a slot based on a cartoon, you expect bright colours and bold designs and you won’t be disappointed. The graphics will often attempt to replicate the feel of the original show, as will any background music or sound effects. Traditional symbols such as cards or gems are likely to be accompanied by picture symbols with significant characters or items from the cartoon.

Cartoon-themed slots also share a lot of features with games outside the animated world. The most common structure is with five reels whereby you need to match consecutive symbols across a payline. Popular bonus features include free spins and multipliers, often with an extra twist to tie them into the theme. Some cartoon-themed slots even have progressive jackpots that will ensure your winnings soar to new heights.


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